The Handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand 



The Turkish Carpets are also popularly known as Anatolian carpets. The Turkish carpets were founded in the 13th century B.C. and was originated from the city of Konya which is famous for the manufacturing of Turkish carpets in the city. The Turkish Carpets were designed well to compare with the Persian carpets in the market. These carpets are influenced by the carpet manufacturing of Greece and were highly dominating in the market of carpets. For several centuries, the Turkish carpets are created by the group of nomadic Turks as a sign of precious pieces of decoration. Several Turkic tribes aimed to manufacture the unique Turkish carpets using natural ingredients. They used the carpets generally to cover the floor and the walls of the houses. Previously, the carpets were woven by the women to express their emotions with the help of colors and patterns. The Handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand are specially designed with motifs that express the creativity of the weavers. When the Turkish carpets were introduced in the other parts of the world it gained its popularity over the world. The handmade Turkish carpets are the symbol of Turkish culture that includes various art forms in it. 




The Turkish carpets are popularly famous worldwide. The Turkish carpets are famous for their natural components of ingredients that included a variety of vintage products. The design of the beautiful pieces of rugs enhances the beauty of the Turkish carpet. Two types of techniques are used in the development of Turkish carpets. The Tufted rugs and the Woven Rugs are the techniques related to Turkish carpets. The Turkish carpets are not just for commercial purpose, it is weaved to express emotions and situations related to life. The carpets are produced through the natural process; the carpets are dyed with natural colors that are obtained naturally from natural components. The entire Turkish carpet is worked with silk thread and is generally used for decorating purposes. The carpets are generally smaller in size as the weaving process takes more than three months to produce a small 30cm X 40 cm Turkish carpet because of the thread’s thickness. The carpets are produced with pure silk material. Nowadays, the professional carpet weavers that weave the handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand are well-known for its traditional patterns and symbol-based language. The designs and the motifs are customized as per the requirements of the customer. The entire carpet is woven with a silk thread that has a soft and thin texture. The silk threads are tied into a single knot of two different colors to symbolize the carpet weavers are married and if the carpets are knotted with more than two colors then it is said for the weaver’s children. The uniqueness and the specialty of the Turkish carpets make it popular in the world of carpets.


Tufted and Woven Turkish Rugs 


These are two different techniques of developing Turkish carpets by the carpet weavers. Both the techniques lead to the creation of handmade Turkish carpets which are produced without machines. Both of the rugs are different in the complexity of creation. As the process is time-consuming and a skillful carpet weaver is required to produce both types of rugs. Both the processes are entirely different giving a different finishing and look to the carpets. The Tufted and the Woven Turkish carpets differ with their costing and longevity.

The handwoven Turkish rugs are produced with the help of great skill and patience. The process of creation is time-consuming. The total cost of the handwoven Turkish rugs is determined by the quality of the materials used as ingredients and the total number of knots present in per square inch of the carpet. The handmade Turkish Carpets in Thailand provide a complex pattern and dense knotting in their Woven carpets which are costlier than the tufted carpets.

The hand-tufted carpets are created by punching the parts of wool into the entire canvas that is stretched all over the frame. It is done with the help of a hand-operated tool and is not considered as intense as the hand-woven Turkish rugs.

The handmade Turkish carpet in Thailand uses both the techniques to develop hand-woven carpets for their customers worldwide. Both techniques differ in their skills and cost. As the hand-woven carpets are intense in their thread work and require a huge amount of skill so it is costlier than the tufted rugs that do not require that level of skills in the development of carpets.


Online Website 


The handmade Turkish carpet in Thailand is easily available on the online website that can serve the customers with their customized designs and size. Through the help of online websites, the customers can compare the wide range of Turkish carpets with others to get a piece of detailed information about the product. The sizes and the designs including the carpet’s motifs can be customized with the requirements of customers. The online website brings an opportunity to get the fine quality of hand-woven Turkish carpets all over the world with desired specifications. The online website brings out a chance for online selling which is an easy and reliable process. The hand-woven carpets are delivered at the doorsteps of the customer’s which reduces the traveling expenses of customers. With the help of customization, customers can customize their carpets with their desired designs and can have the customized size of the carpet as per their convenience. The price of the carpets is generally based on the number of knots per square inch and the quality of the carpets. The customer can order the carpets produced in a specific technique as per their wish.