Handmade Kashmir Carpets

Homemade Kashmir carpet is the one the great product that produced in Kashmir. Kashmir carpet is continuously on the market from generation to generation because of the quality and popularity. The Demand for Homemade Kashmir carpet business is also consistently increasing because of its uniquely hand knotted pattern designs . These homemade carpets are the combination of pure merino and finest Kashmir wool with natural silk.

Patterns, Designs and Sizes

Kashmir Carpets are also famous because of the attractive and beautiful design with a huge variety of color options. Uniqueness and originality are the best features of the Kashmir carpet. The design of Kashmir carpets is a little mixer of oriental floral style. Meaning of oriental floral style is a Chinese and Japanese style where the main focus on the appearance of the arrangement.

Kashmir carpets normally available in size 2’x3′; 2 1/2’x4′; 3’x5′; 6’x4′; 6’x9′. There may be you find different size Kashmir carpets, they are custom made. If you are going to buy Kashmir carpet then below-given information really helps you out to choose the best carpet.

History of Kashmir Carpets

Kashmir is popular in the world for long preserved crafts and traditions. The 18×18 or 20×20 knots per square is the commonly made Kashmir carpet. In some rare exhibits there as high as 3600 knots per inch density is used in Kashmir carpets. Silk carpet is lightweight compared to other carpets. Kashmir carpets also used as in beddings and wall hangings.

Kashmir carpets are on the long way from 16th century, Kashmir carpets take a place in the market of Kashmir when Mughal emperors rule on the Kashmir. According to stories and history, Kashmir carpets are created to find more comfort in the haven.
At the starting, Mughals are use techniques of Persian carpet in the Kashmir carpet. Families of Persian carpet makers was shifted at Kashmir and they start their business in the Kashmir. Because of the Persian carpet makers, the design of the Kashmir carpets is very similar to the Persian carpets but the quality of natural silk of the Kashmir is great. There symbolic meaning like the tree of life is used in almost all Kashmir carpets.

Qualities of Kashmir Carpets

From last few months I am researching the carpets of Kashmir and I found some awesome facts and features about the Kashmir carpets. Homemade Kashmir carpets are the invention of the labour of Kashmir and Persian. A quality carpet is homemade or hand-knotted from pure silk and wool. At present there mercerized cotton is used in the carpets. The base of the carpet is normally created with cotton or silk.

Low quality of Kashmir carpets may a blend of rayon, silk and wool. Normally a quality homemade Kashmir carpet has 600-900 knot per square inch. Quality of these carpets is increase as the numbers of knots are increased, more knot more quality carpet. Good quality carpet produces more sine after washing. Washing of this carpets are done by bleaching powder, soap and other natural chemicals and after washing, sun drying and clipping process will be followed.
It takes almost 8 months to produce a super quality homemade Kashmir carpet with complex and intricate designs. Because of the more production cost and the labours Homemade Kashmir carpet range start from 1000 dollars to 10000 dollars and maybe more for luxury carpets.

Famous Designs of Kashmir Carpets

  • The Kashmir rose – Gilabdar
  • Tree of life
  • The maze pattern – Gumm
  • The garden View – Bagdar
  • The floral pattern – All Over
  • The box pattern – Dabdar
  • Lotus flower pattern – Lotus
  • Wood art inspired motif – Khatam Band

Recognizing the Original Handmade Kashmir Carpets

There have huge design and variety of the Handmade Kashmir carpet and this is very important to know how to recognize which carpet is real and which one is fake. If you are going to buy a Kashmir carpet then you have to know this because this is a little expensive to buy a Kashmir carpet but by mistake, if you buy a fake Kashmir carpet then its doom.

For recognizing which one is fake and which one is real, you just have to take the carpet on your hand and figure out the making style of the carpet. If a carpet is created from hand then the style of knots is completely different from the machine-made carpet. Fibre and the quality of the carpet is the main thing if you are figuring out the carpets.

Maintaining the beauty of Kashmir Carpets

  • To keep your carpet clean and luxury takes off your shoes.
  • For ensure life and cleanliness, regularly use a vacuum on your carpet.
  • Always clean your carpet stains from clean water with the use of a sponge.
  • Use professional carpet washing every year.


Many people use Kashmir carpet in the middle of the living room for the decoration purpose. Some people also use this Homemade kashmir carpets in the dining table room and the hole for decorate their home and in my view having a carpet in room and hole is look perfect then the room and hole without a carpet.

In this article, we figure out the history of the Kashmir carpet where we discuss how homemade Kashmir carpets come in the market and became famous. In the quality section, we discuss the quality of the Kashmir carpet. 600- 800 knot homemade Kashmir carpet is the best quality homemade Kashmir carpets.

In the section of recognition, we figured out how to recognize real and fake carpet. If I miss something in this article then please place a comment below and let us know what we miss. If you have any question and problem about this topic then you are free to place a comment below. Don’t forget to share history, quality of Homemade Kashmir carpet with your friends and family.